Red Spire Farm

Westport, MA |

$20/ night
$525/ month


Our 1900's converted Gospel Church with 2 acres of land is only 10 minutes to the beach! We are close to the highway and to shopping, restaurants, and amenities.

Total Property Size

1 - 5 acres

Location Near

Woods, Town/Amenities, Ocean, and Field


Water Hookup

Onsite vehicle parking

Human Compost Area

Grill / BBQ (Cookout Area)

Garden Space

Fire Pit

Electric Hookup

Property Guidelines

Sorry, we cannot allow dogs. Indoor cats allowed.

Questions & Answers About this Property

Asked by Mary B on October 12, 2017 Report

Hi Mary, We could talk with you about the details and see if it would work out. Please message me using the "private message" feature and let me know the size of your RV and what type of pet you have. thank you, Lydia

Reply from Lydia S on October, 22, 2017 Report

Asked by shari m on August 17, 2017 Report

Hi Shari, thanks for your message. The views are essentially what you see in our photos, I can send you a few more pics of the back acreage if can private message me with your email address. I am not sure at this point what our availability will be in January. Currently we have two tenants who plan to stay through the fall and one may be permanent. You will need to check back with me in December to see where we are at with everything! Thanks for your interest in staying with us! -Lydia

Reply from Lydia S on August, 17, 2017 Report

Asked by David C on August 02, 2017 Report

Hi David, We have one current tenant who pays month to month so the space appears open and I need to find a way to fix the availability so that it is not confusing. Also, we just confirmed another tenant for the fall but they have not signed up yet through the site. So, at the moment we don't have space but I will keep you posted if anything changes.

Reply from Lydia S on August, 03, 2017 Report

Asked by David C on July 20, 2017 Report

Hi David, unfortunately we do not have the space at the moment, but I can let you know if things change this fall. Sorry! -Lydia

Reply from Lydia S on July, 25, 2017 Report

Both spaces appear on this website as available for booking. I'm a bit confused.

Reply from David C on July, 26, 2017 Report

Hi David, we have one tiny house tenant on site currently and we do not have a second space that is suitable for construction. Because of the layout of the site and our farming activities we are not able to accommodate construction activities on our site. I'm sorry we can't help out.

Reply from Lydia S on July, 31, 2017 Report

Hi David, We have had a cancellation this fall so please let me know if you are still interested in booking.

Reply from Lydia S on September, 03, 2017 Report

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Asked by David G on June 22, 2017 Report

Hi David, Thanks for your message, I'm not sure if we are set up for construction types of activities, can we set up a phone call to discuss the details? -Lydia

Reply from Lydia S on June, 22, 2017 Report

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