Tumble Farm

Lake Butler, FL |

$20/ night
$400/ month


Two minutes to the Santa Fe River. Goats, chickens, ducks, a fish pond and a couple of horses tucked in fenced pastures with mature oak and cedar hedgerows. We're surrounded by cattle pasture that's actively grazed. 30 minutes to Gainesville city limits, a few more to the urban core.

Total Property Size

5+ acres

Location Near

Woods and Field


Electric Hookup

Wireless Internet

Willing to Acquire Hookups

Laundry Room

Human Compost Area

Garden Space

Fire Pit

Dogs Allowed

Dog Run

Property Guidelines

Horse boarding (pasture only) available for an additional $150 per month per horse (max of 3 horses.)
Small livestock (up to 250 lbs) are negotiable. Dogs (and possibly cats) can be facilitated contingent on your ability to manage them in relationship to our two 50 lbs shepherd mixes.

Length of Stay
One month is the "probationary" max stay, but if a continued relationship is mutually desirable, we'd love to consider an on-going arrangement!

Land Use
We're open to a mutually beneficial "lease" of part of our land for various projects. We mainly ask that the projects (for the most part) align with our own ecological management philosophy/style.

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