Dragonfly Ranch RV or Tiny House parking

Hudson, FL |

$25/ night
$600/ month


We are a small semi-urban educational farm in Sunny Florida. We are near the Gulf of Mexico and lots of rivers and parks. We offer many amenities as well as kayak trips and dinners.

Total Property Size

0.25 - 0.5 acre

Location Near

Woods, Town/Amenities, River, Other, and Ocean


Wireless Internet

Water Hookup


Picnic Table

Onsite vehicle parking

Grill / BBQ (Cookout Area)

Gray Water Drip

Garden Space

Free Parking

Fire Pit

Electric Hookup

24-Hour Check-in

Property Guidelines

This is new for us so we will be learning as we go. We have hosted woofers and workaway guests as well as AirBNB so this is a natural thing for us. We are willing to offer more once we get in the swing of things. Animal enclosures are off limits unless you wish to help out and take some quick training. Snuggling bunnies and petting horses is worth it though!

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