The Nash House

Nashville, TN |

$98/ night
No Monthly Rate
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Asked by Amy S on September 11, 2019 Report

Thanks, Amy! This one is about 180 SF, inclusive of the lofts. There is a larger one also available on the same property called Domino (if you're looking for something larger). We would love to host you!

Reply from Maggie D on September, 12, 2019 Report

Asked by Sandi S on June 22, 2019 Report

Hi there! It's available for parts of that time. Our calendar is up to date in the system so if the day is available and able to be booked, you can do so by using the calendar and reserving your dates. We would love to host you! Also, note that there is a second tiny home on the same property, called Domino, which may have different availability too!

Reply from Maggie D on June, 24, 2019 Report

Asked by Maia S on February 03, 2018 Report

Hello! We allow small, well-behaved dogs :) Have a great day!

Reply from Maggie D on February, 08, 2018 Report