Rebel Ridge

Pescadero, CA |

$89/ night
$500/ month


NOTICE POSTED: only the first 3 pics are MY property, the rest are tot the area I live and at max 18 min away.
I offer water hook up, feeedom to roam the grounds, minutes (approx 4 min) to world class beaches and parks with redwoods, waterfalls, village pubs, and country living. Also nearby is a thrift store, a post office, and "downtown" Pescadero. I am constantly improving my place. As of August 30th, I have had it for one month officially, two unofficially. It's a very special and unique place, with tons of history.
Originally severely overgrown, I have cleared major areas and I am currently installing redwood, cypress, and Japanese maples. Adding mint, Yerba buena, aloe, giant tree ferns, giant bamboos, an outbuilding, and others plants and improvements. I'm the planning stages are terraced hillsides, a wood fired sunken-into-the-hillside hot tub, a cold plunge, and a sauna made out of the old redwood water tank.
Right now is virtually nothing close to how it will be, but still a decent place to stay, what makes it so desirable presently is it's proximity to amazing places, some of which I have pictures of.

Total Property Size

1 - 5 acres

Location Near

Woods, Town/Amenities, Stream, Ocean, and Field


Willing to Acquire Hookups

Water Hookup

Onsite vehicle parking

Garden Space

Free Parking

Dogs Allowed

Cats Allowed

Additional Storage

24-Hour Check-in

Property Guidelines

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Asked by Deborah L on October 15, 2017 Report

Asked by Alex R on September 27, 2017 Report

Asked by polina m on September 10, 2017 Report

Please do.

Reply from David S on September, 10, 2017 Report

I don't think they allow phone numbers unless you book, so book so we can talk: you can always cancel later.

Reply from David S on September, 10, 2017 Report

Try 6 maybe this 5 will 0 work if 88 it is disguised8 as something 0564

Reply from David S on September, 10, 2017 Report

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Asked by Christopher N on September 07, 2017 Report

Yes that is fine. Set up a time to come by and view

Reply from David S on September, 08, 2017 Report

Asked by christian c on August 20, 2017 Report

Sure but I don't know how to initiate a pm to you and it won't let me post my number here, so pm me first, it will go thru there

Reply from David S on August, 21, 2017 Report

David, look me up on linkedin my phone is on the contact page. Christian c hase

Reply from christian c on August, 21, 2017 Report

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