Flat Rock Tiny House

Nashville, TN |

$115/ night
$1200/ month


Fun atmosphere to enjoy! Check out Flat Rock Tiny House. A nice fold down deck, ceiling fan, and tv in addition to all other tiny house features. This is 18 feet by 8 and has closet space for hanging clothes. Great option to try it tiny.


Loft with Ladder with Queen

Total Property Size

5+ acres

Location Near




Garden Space

Fire Pit



Onsite vehicle parking

Modern Bathroom


Free Parking


Air Conditioning

Property Guidelines

Treat others as you want to be treated!

This tiny house is behind the main house. You will have a huge 8 acre field to walk through and enjoy, multiple fire rings, and a charcoal grill. We have plenty of wood that you are welcome to use. Just ask!
Regarding the loft, it is tight, but a great bed and can fit two people. There is also a couch below that can be used as a bed for small people! We do have a microwave, hot plate, refrigerator, and a flushing toilet. Our hot water heater is great, but please realize if you use all the hot water, this is a tiny house, and the water heater tank will need time to reheat the additional water. We focus on resource reduction!

We have a check-in time of 3pm and check out of 10:30am. If you would kindly let us know your planned arrival, that would be great.

Additionally, we will have instructions inside the tiny once you arrive.

Questions & Answers About this Property

Asked by Emily C on September 17, 2017 Report

Hi Emily, yes, I would consider allowing small dogs. I will be updating this listing soon with pictures and a new place, but will likely be around Indianapolis. Are you looking to stay in this long term or short term and what timing? I currently have someone interested for the next 4 months.

Reply from Zach R on September, 19, 2017 Report

I would be interested in longer term, most likely until spring.

Reply from Emily C on September, 19, 2017 Report

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Asked by Dan W on July 18, 2017 Report

This house is better suited for 2-3 people. The loft has a double bed, and there is a sleeping space on the couch downstairs.

Reply from Zach R on November, 10, 2017 Report

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