Flat Rock Tiny House

St Paul, IN |

$200/ night
$875/ month

Property Description

Fun atmosphere to enjoy!


Loft with Ladder with Queen

Total Property Size

5+ acres

Location Near


Property Type




Onsite vehicle parking

Modern Bathroom


Free Parking


Air Conditioning

Property Guidelines

Treat this house as it were your own!

Questions & Answers About this Property

Asked by Emily C on September 17, 2017 Report

Hi Emily, yes, I would consider allowing small dogs. I will be updating this listing soon with pictures and a new place, but will likely be around Indianapolis. Are you looking to stay in this long term or short term and what timing? I currently have someone interested for the next 4 months.

Reply from Zach R on September, 19, 2017 Report

I would be interested in longer term, most likely until spring.

Reply from Emily C on September, 19, 2017 Report

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Asked by Dan W on July 18, 2017 Report

Hi Dan. Thanks for asking. That would be a tight squeeze. 3 is better for anyone teenage and above.

Reply from Zach R on July, 19, 2017 Report

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