Indy 500: The Bindle Drum

Indianapolis, IN |

$199/ night
$2000/ month

Property Description

Featured home is part of a group steps to the track for the Indianapolis 500. This 18 foot home comes with a king sized bed, plenty of storage, equipped kitchen, full bathroom and plenty of living space. The home has a pitched roof and right-sized porch as well. Enjoy the convenience of being close to the track while having the tiny house experience of a lifetime. Great home to enjoy the Indy 500!


Loft With Stairs with King

Total Property Size

< 0.25 acre

Location Near

Other and Town/Amenities

Property Type



Modern Bathroom



Free Parking

Basic Linens

Air Conditioning

Property Guidelines

This home is part of a group deal or can be booked separately. The unit sleeps up to 4 people, 3 adults comfortably. The minimum night stay will be three nights. Deposit of $100 will be required upon arrival. Meant for responsible adults who are Indy 500 fans!

Questions & Answers About this Property

Asked by Kathleen B on May 23, 2017 Report

Hi Kathleen! Thanks for your excitement. In general these tiny houses will be moved back to their homes around Indy / Bloomington. However, we are looking into options for the Brickyard, but have not confirmed yet. If you or others are interested, it will be very helpful to let us know so we can arrange! All the best!

Reply from Zach R on May, 23, 2017 Report

Asked by Jenny G on May 21, 2017 Report

Yes this has AC and is less than a mile to the track on SW side. Also near Main Street Speedway which has great restraurants.

Reply from Zach R on May, 21, 2017 Report

Asked by Jenny G on May 21, 2017 Report

Yes this unit is still available for Memorial Day! Also can be arranged for other days as well. Best wishes!

Reply from Zach R on May, 21, 2017 Report

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