Redlands Acre with Utilities

Homestead, FL |

$90/ night
$600/ month


Right at the mouth of the Florida Keys, includes 120v Power, Water and wifi. 5 Minutes from Key Largo and 15 Minutes from the Florida Turnpike. Private secure automatic gate (remote $20 cash deposit, returned)

Total Property Size

1 - 5 acres

Location Near

Town/Amenities, Other, Ocean, and Field


Wireless Internet

Willing to Acquire Hookups

Water Hookup

Septic (Sanitation) Hookup

Picnic Table

Gray Water Drip

Garden Space

Free Parking

Fire Pit

Electric Hookup

Cats Allowed

Additional Storage

Property Guidelines

No loud weekday parties, No liter, No drugs, No pets outside of the tinyhome/RV. Long term rental available

Questions & Answers About this Property

Asked by David C on July 20, 2017 Report

3 spaces

Reply from Dan M on July, 25, 2017 Report

Asked by Andrew W on May 08, 2017 Report

Hi there, Sorry for the late reply. Yes if you can assure me that the dog will not cause trouble that is totally ok by me. Let me know if you're interested in the property. Thanks -Dan

Reply from Dan M on May, 30, 2017 Report

No worries! I am interested could you email me at thewhittlewagon (at) gmail (dot) com . Thank tin in advance!

Reply from Andrew W on May, 31, 2017 Report

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