Tiny House in historic Todd, NC (near Boone, West Jefferson, and the Blue Ridge Parkway)

Todd, NC |

$75/ night
$1200/ month


We would be thrilled to share our tiny house, custom made by HGTV-featured builder Randy Jones of Incredible Tiny Homes, with you in the historic Todd community.

Our "tiny" sits across the way from a charming old farm house and barn in a rural setting where the livestock and a small stream that borders the property are your neighbors. Despite the remote feel, you are minutes from New River tubing, kayaking, fishing, and Railroad Grade road, where High Country locals and visitors alike flock for biking and jogging along the picturesque river. Downtown West Jefferson, and its thriving main street lined with the shops of local artisans, antique stores, and restaurants, including the popular Boondocks brewery, is 15 minutes away. Boone is a beautiful 25-minute drive away along HWY 194, a scenic North Carolina byway. It's a peaceful escape that's not too far out to keep you from indulging in all the High Country offers.

Our stylish tiny features a queen sleeping loft that is accessible by stairs--no ladder climbing required. A second loft has a futon sofa. It's a perfect reading nook that doubles as additional sleeping space. The living room has a custom sofa for watching the wall-mounted smart TV that includes hidden storage and also folds out for yet another extra sleeping option.

There are no compromises in the bath and kitchen of this tiny house. There's a 36-inch wide shower fed by a tankless water heater, plenty of hotel-style towels, and an environmentally friendly composting toilet. The kitchen features a large fridge and freezer, a four-burner range with oven, a farmhouse sink, and everything you need to make a meal if you decide to eat in.

Outdoors, in addition to the quiet stream, there is a firepit and a scenic mountain backroad perfect for walking Fido, should you desire to bring the dog.

If you've considered downsizing but want to try before you buy, or you just want an affordable getaway in an adorable small space, this is your opportunity to live tiny!


Loft with Stairs with Queen

Total Property Size

0.5 - 1 acre

Location Near

Woods, Stream, Other, and Field


Wireless Internet



Picnic Table

Onsite vehicle parking

Modern Bathroom




Grill / BBQ (Cookout Area)

Free Parking

Fire Pit

Dogs Allowed

Cable TV


Basic Linens

Air Conditioning

Additional Storage

24-Hour Check-in

Property Guidelines

House rules, helpful tips, and composting toilet instructions::

1. Please do not place anything hot directly on the countertops. There are some hot pads located on the built-in shelves.
2. There is a small recycling bin on the porch, a trash can under the sink, and one in the bathroom. You do not need to remove trash when you leave; I will take care of it. Please leave your bagged trash inside to keep raccoons from redistributing it throughout the property.
3. There is a small closet for storage under the steps. I keep charcoal for the Weber grill and fire starter logs for the outdoor firepit there. I can provide wood for the firepit upon request.
4. There is additional storage under the sofa. If you need to pull the sofa out for additional sleeping space, you must fold down the dining table, pull out the recessed legs for the sofa, and flip over the top section of wood. There are several opportunities to pinch your fingers during this maneuver, so be careful.
5. There is a telescoping ladder by the sofa to access the smaller loft area; the sofa in that space also converts to a bed.
6. The WiFi network login will be provided prior to your arrival. I am able to smoothly stream video from my phone and laptop (and of course browse the web and check email), but the smart TV is a bit finicky. There is also DirecTV.
7. You are welcome to wash dishes and put them back before you depart, but it’s not expected. If you do have dirty dishes, please at least rinse them and leave them in the sink so nothing gets too caked on to remove when I come to clean.
8. OOPS! The shower is plumbed backwards, so hot is cold and cold is hot.
9. If the hot water heater displays an “E1” message, turn to hot on a few times to flush air out of the line and it should start right up. If not, the propane tank may need filling. Contact me right away and I’ll take the tank to be refilled.
10. Please leave the heat set to 62 degrees when you leave the weather is cold; in warmer times, leave the AC set to 75.
11. Lock the CODED door when you depart but DO NOT lock the keyed door knob above it. The access code for the door will be provided a few days before check in.

Composting toilet:

1. There is a manual next to the composting toilet, so if you need a refresher on its operation, it’s there for your reading pleasure.
2. There are two chambers in the toilet, one for #1 in the front and one for #2 in the back. Regardless of how you’re equipped, you will need to sit down to hit the holes for #1. Keep the chamber for #2 closed while going #1. Getting #1 where it doesn’t belong will adversely affect the operation of the toilet (and your stay).
3. There is a lever on the side to open the toilet for #2. Nothing but poop and toilet paper should enter the rear chamber. Once business is complete, close the lever and spin the three-pronged handle a few times to mix the waste with the compost. THIS SPIN STEP IS A MUST FOR THE TOILET TO FUNCTION PROPERLY. Keep everything closed when not in use. There should not be any odor other than perhaps a whiff of organic peat moss.
4. If waste is a bit stubborn going down, it can be sprayed with the watered-down vinegar next to the toilet and rubbed clean with toilet paper. Again, nothing should enter the rear chamber other than waste and toilet paper (and a little vinegar).
5. The urine receptacle needs to be emptied about every three days with average use by two people, so you may (or may not) need to empty it. If you need to empty it, undo the latches on the sides of the toilet, lift the bowl up a little, and carefully pull out the receptacle by the handle. Empty somewhere discreet outside and put it back, making sure to secure the latches once the receptacle is back in its place.


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