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General Help

General FAQs

I am interested in setting up discount codes with Try It Tiny. How do I do so?

Great! We would be glad to talk to you. Please email your request to info@tryittiny.com.

What happens if Try It Tiny cancels my booking for an upcoming event?

If Try It Tiny cancels your booking, you will receive a full refund of all costs including the amount of the booking and the deposit. Transaction fees associated with the booking will be refunded. However, any transaction fees associated with the deposit will not be refunded.

What happens if I cancel my booking for an upcoming event?

If a guest cancels more than 30 days from check-in date, Try It Tiny will refund half of the deposit to the guest minus any transaction fees. If it is less than 85 days from the check-in date, then Try It Tiny will also refund the cost of the booking and transaction fees associated with the booking cost.


Try It Tiny will not issue any refunds for bookings canceled by the guest 30 days or less from the check-in date.

I have rented a tiny house for an event, how much is the deposit?

For event bookings, there is a mandatory $200 deposit paid 85 days from check-in date. If it is less than 85 days from check-in date then the deposit will be paid at the time of booking. Guests will receive their deposit after check-out minus the costs of any damages or loss of items that occur during the guest's stay. Try It Tiny has full authority in determining the deposit amount returned to the guest.

I have rented a tiny house for an event, when will my card be charged?

The booking fee, deposit, and application fees will be charged 85 days from check-in date or on the day the booking is made if it is less than 85 days from check-in.

How do I communicate with Hosts & Guests on Try It Tiny?

Try It Tiny encourages the use of a safe and secure platform for all its Users. Guests can send property-related questions to Hosts via the public Q&A platform and can send private messages via the "Contact the Host" button.

Examples of when to use the Public Q&A include questions regarding property features, amenities, local attractions, etc. This information helps other members of our community who are considering the property and reduces redundant questions asked to our hosts.

Examples of when to use Private Messaging include questions about booking availability, scheduling property tours, etc. Please use this channel if you are discussing anything you do not want to be public knowledge within our community.

When messaging on Try It Tiny, whether in the public Q&A format or privately, it's important to remember that sharing or inquiring about personal information, inappropriate language or discriminatory behaviors are strictly prohibited.  Please report any instances of these types of activities so we can keep Try It Tiny a safe, fair and secure platform for all of its Users.

Why isn't the contact button working?

This may be due to some of your settings.  For example, if you see the e-mail address appearing in the bottom left corner of your web browser, you may need to adjust your settings.

We find this link useful in adjusting your settings based on your default e-mail service.


How does Try It Tiny verify its users?

Try It Tiny verifies its Users in a few ways, which are explained below.  

Users start with an e-mail verification process which ensures that an actively managed outside e-mail account is correctly affiliated with a User's profile. For individuals who login via a social media platform, this provides an added layer of verification as well. Payment methods are entered prior to confirming any booking(s) for both Hosts and Guests.  Our third-party, payment processor uses the last 4 digits of an individual's social security number to verify account information.  Lastly, our two-way review process provides a final layer of confidence for our Hosts and Guests.

Try It Tiny believes in creating a well-intentioned, trusting community of people who are like-minded and working towards the same goal.  Users who violate this belief and / or Try It Tiny's Terms and Conditions will be removed from the platform.


While Try It Tiny hopes its verification methods will be useful to help protect its community, Try It Tiny does not currently conduct background checks on its hosts or guests and our verification methods will not identify a host’s or guest’s past crimes or other warning signals.  Try It Tiny cannot provide a guarantee of safety or guarantee that a host or guest will not break the law.  Each host or guest should exercise their own judgment about whom to enter into a transaction with and get to know a host or guest when confirming via our messaging platform, consider doing a web search or checking public databases, tell a family member, friend or neighbor of your travel or hosting plans, and knowing the phone number of local law enforcement. 

How does Try It Tiny work?

Try It Tiny connects tiny house, RV and land owners (Hosts) with those hoping to rent or use them temporarily (Guests). More details can be found through our Host or Guest links. Our second feature is called Dream Tiny.  Dream Tiny is great for Users who are either building a tiny house, looking for micro living features or just want to explore the various design features for fun.  We encourage you to create a profile in order to quickly access and save information.

Where do I add my payment information?

Payment information can be found under My Account.  Signed-in users should see their name (and image) located in the upper right corner of any screen on Try It Tiny.  Clicking a User's name will load a drop-down menu where users can select My Account to change preferences, including payment information needed for Hosts and Guests.

How can I be a part of Dream Tiny?

If you are a tiny house builder, servicer or supplier you can participate in Dream Tiny by sending high-resolution images of your products to DTsubmissions@tryittiny.com. Be sure to include your company's name, website link, and any description of the photos you would like Try It Tiny to include on Dream Tiny. In order to utilize Dream Tiny fully, Try It tiny encourages you to make a profile to experience Dream Tiny as a User as well! 

Why isn't the review I wrote appearing?

Try It Tiny requests a two-way review system for Hosts and Guests once a trip has concluded.  Reviews are posted after a sufficient period of time has passed to create enough time for non-biased reviews.  When enough time has passed, incomplete or unfinished reviews will no longer be able to be published so it's important for users to complete them when prompted.

Is Try It Tiny for short or longer-term rentals?

Try It Tiny is intended to support any type of rental.  There is no maximum or limit on the number of times a Guest can book with the same Host, so long as both parties agree to the terms.  This helps manage payments due and received by both parties.  Long-term bookings (i.e. more than 12 months) enjoy a reduced Service Fee and can be booked using the auto-renewal feature at the time of checkout.

Where can I provide feedback?

Try It Tiny encourages feedback from Guests and Hosts in order to improve Try It Tiny platform. Any feedback may be sent to info@tryittiny.com

Why do I have to provide two forms of payment?

Only Hosts that plan to travel need to provide two forms.  Credit card information is requested for Guests so we can properly compensate our Hosts. Bank information (e.g. debit card information) is requested for Hosts so we can transfer the Guests' money into your account.  We do not retain or keep any bank, credit or card information and use a secure, third-party (Stripe) to process payments. Users should refer to Stripe's Terms and Conditions for additional disclosure. 

Try It Tiny is built on a community of trust and we enforce this with our users and encourage them to respect and honor the platform.  Failure to provide accurate, updated payment forms may result in account termination if not properly rectified.  

Can I rent an RV on Try It Tiny?

Yes!  Owners of recreational vehicles ("RVs") can become Hosts and rent out their abodes.  Similarly, Guests wanting to experience micro living can choose between various product types including RVs, campers and tiny houses.

Why do I need to create a profile?

Profiles help connect the community and facilitate interactions. In a sharing economy, it is important to provide a few details to allow for relationships to develop between Hosts, Guests and Dreamers. We highly encourage Users to add a picture and include any helpful information in their profiles. Creating a profile allows you to view listing details, book trips, mark favorite properties and gain access to the full Dream Tiny site.

Do I have to own a Tiny Home to use the site?

No, you don't have to own a Tiny House, an RV or a camper!  Although we love micro living, we understand that Tiny Homes are not for everyone. Users with land are encouraged to sign up as Hosts.  It's free to create a listing and Hosts maintain complete control over any rental opportunities.  For our Users who just want to experience micro living, we are excited to offer the opportunity to Try It Tiny using our platform!

Do I have to share my email address?

An email address is used to create a listing or a profile. This is the primary way Try It Tiny directs communication to you; however, Hosts and Guests communicate using a secure messaging platform via Try It Tiny. In this manner, personal emails are not shared directly.

We encourage users to add their phone numbers to their profile, so booking alerts can also be notified via text / SMS.

What is a Tiny House?

A tiny house is a sustainable, affordable and generally mobile dwelling unit. While there are no strict standards, Try It Tiny defines a tiny house as an alternative dwelling unit (whether permanent or otherwise) that is approximately 400 square feet or less. The majority of tiny houses are built on wheels. Based on this definition, Try It Tiny includes and welcomes recreational vehicles, campers and the traditional tiny house.

What does it cost to use Try It Tiny?

Try It Tiny is free for Hosts to list Properties and free for Guests to search listings, book trips, message Hosts and enjoy our Dream Tiny collection. Hosts and Guests only pay a fee to Try it Tiny when they book transactions. 

Why does my statement show a $1.00 charge by Stripe?

We use a third-party payment processing company, Stripe, to allow Users to transact on Try It Tiny.  Stripe will attempt to authorize a $0 or $1 transaction to verify payment information which is immediately reversed.  More details can be found here.

How does Try It Tiny make money?

Try It Tiny only earns money when Users book transactions. All transactions include a breakdown of the costs which includes a Service Fee. Service Fees allow Try It Tiny to continue to operate and help those wanting to try it tiny. Hosts are charged any relevant payment processing fees associated with the transaction. Please see our Policies for additional details relating to transactions.