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Benefits of Being a Try It Tiny Guest



Grow in your tiny house experience whether renting land or a home by exploring through the locals.



Expand your travels beyond traditional home rentals and public land facilities and find more economic alternatives.



Broaden your options with private land offerings.  Book in advance to secure your next location or finalize vacation plans.



Take your tiny living or enthusiasm to the next level by trying it first-hand or switching up your existing scenery.

Guest FAQs

Why is Try It Tiny not accepting my discount code?

This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  1. The discount code has expired. All discount codes come with an expiration date.
  2. The discount code is not yet live. If you do not know the start date for your discount code, feel free to email
  3. Discount codes are case sensitive so make sure you enter it in exactly as it is provided to you.
  4. The discount code is not spelled correctly. Please make sure to double check your spelling!

If you still have questions, please email

How do I use my discount code?

You can enter a discount code on the second stage of the booking process. Underneath the cost breakdown, you will see, “Have a discount code?” You can enter your discount code, click Submit, and your cost breakdown will update automatically.

When do I pay cleaning fees?

Cleaning fees appear as a line item on your confirmation page before you book. You will always have the opportunity to review the total cost of your stay inclusive of all fees prior to submitting a booking inquiry. Along with all charges related to a booking, cleaning fees are charged 85 days from check-in. If the booking date is less than 85 days from check-in, the cleaning fee will be charged at the time of booking.

Why do hosts charge cleaning fees?

There are often additional expenses required to maintain a listing’s high standard. These fees are used to cover those expenses and ensure that everyone’s experience in the community lives up to their individual expectations.

I don't have a tiny house, can I reach out to Hosts?

Guests looking at land rental opportunities that do not own a tiny home should not request a booking from any Host.  If a Guest is interested in the movement, we would encourage them to check out Try It Tiny's Dream Tiny platform.  Our Hosts are very important to us and their time is valuable. 

How can I see images of a property listing?

Hosts are encouraged to include images on their property listing. If a property listing does not have images, please use the Q&A forum to ask the Host to put images of their property on their listing. 

How can I receive the exact location of a property?

In order to maintain the privacy of our Hosts, Try It Tiny does not provide the exact location of a Host's property. Prior to a Guest having a confirmed booking, there is a map of the area in the property description. Once a Host approves a Guest's booking inquiry you will receive the exact address of the property in a confirmation email up to 7 days prior to the trip's start date. 

How can I see the property before I book it?

Try It Tiny strives to maintain the privacy of both our Guests and Hosts. Which includes not disclosing the exact location of the property. Hosts are encouraged to disclose if they allow or do not allow tours of their property in their listing description. If you have a question about touring a property please email and Try It Tiny will try to help you arrange a tour. 

How do I prepare to park on grass?

Parking on grass doesn't have to be concerning for travelers.  Be prepared by bringing plywood and cement blocks if you're traveling during a rainy season.  Laying plywood down on the grass before moving your micro unit to its parking spot will help distribute the weight under the wheels more evenly.  It should also help you avoid becoming stuck.  Once the unit is in its new home, cement blocks can help carry some of the weight as well.  This is most useful if you're likely to wait out the wet grass surface before you leave.

How do I travel and become a Guest?

We recommend that you create a profile by using the Sign in link on the homepage. Create your profile and gain access to Try It Tiny's exclusive features.  You can learn more about becoming a Guest, search properties and send booking inquiries to your next desired location. Once you find a great spot, message the Host about your trip and request to book. Happy traveling!

How do I search between Land and the Tiny Home Rental?

Look for the options dropdown to single out either Land Rentals or Tiny Home Rentals.

How does Try It Tiny monitor accurate listings?

Try It Tiny values having accurate, secure and appropriate content and strives to ensure a welcoming environment and experience for all Users. Unfortunately, we do have to protect our Users and their experience.  Our sign up verification stage is the first step in this process.  To be able to book a trip, both parties must have provided proper payment methods as well.  Hosts and Guests are encouraged to participate in our two-way review system to describe their experience. Try It Tiny and its Users can flag content in various aspects of the site to ensure accuracy and appropriate information is shared. For specific concerns, please e-mail

While Try It Tiny hopes is verification methods will be useful to ensure the accuracy of a listing, Try It Tiny cannot guarantee the accuracy of any listing or its suitability for the needs of a guest.

How can I be the best Guest?

The Golden Rule is a good one here. Treat Others (and their property) As You Would Want To Be Treated. We also recommend reviewing the Host Template provided to you before your trip. This will provide an understanding of the property and the expected interaction between you and your host.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please refer to our policies page for full description.

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