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Why Host On Try It Tiny

Whether you have a custom built tiny house on wheels or a beautiful piece of land in the remote desert of New Mexico, Try It Tiny makes it simple and secure to host fellow tiny housers. You're in complete control of your availability, price, rules, and even interaction with guests. Listing is free and there has never been a better time to make extra income on the property you already have! But what are some of the perks? We're glad you asked.

Host whenever you want

There’s no minimum or mandatory time you have to host, so you can block off dates when you’re not available.

You can also set rules about your availability, including:

  • Min/max nights a guest can stay
  • How far in the future guests can book
  • Advance notice needed before a booking

Set prices you feel good about

You get to choose your nightly prices.

You can also easily add custom details like:

  • Cleaning fees
  • Weekly discounts
  • Special prices for specific times of year

Quickly coordinate calendars

To avoid getting booked when you can’t host or have an existing reservation, you can connect your Try It Tiny calendar with your other calendars. This allows you to keep all calendars up-to-date automatically.

Establish rules for your space

To help set expectations, you can add House Rules that guests must agree to before booking. If a guest breaks a rule after they book, you can cancel the reservation without penalty.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hosting

How do I get started hosting?

Thanks for considering hosting. You help us facilitate community interaction and culture sharing. With our host template, we have made your life easier. All we need for you is to take a few pictures, describe yourself, and check the correct boxes. Click here to learn more about hosting.

Can I change the price of my listing?

Yes. Price changes and other listing updates (email, reserved / blocked dates, pictures, etc.) can be done at any time via your host profile. Confirmed guests will be charged based on the listing’s price at the time of the booking & acceptance by the host.

Can I host on land when I am not there?

Sure thing. We recommend that you communicate thoroughly with the guest and be available via phone or email upon their arrival to help them should anything be needed. Over communication is helpful here.

To read more, visit our Host Help section. 



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