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Using Social Media To Increase Your Try It Tiny Listing

With Instagram and Facebook being part of our world's lexicon and the nouns now being used as verbs, there is no doubt that social media marketing is an essential part of business in the 21st century. If statistics were readily available it would probably show that those properties represented on social media platforms increased traffic to their listings and were responsible for an increase in bookings. When it comes to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest, engagement is extremely useful, so knowing how to use these powerful tools to your advantage can help increase your bookings!


When you are trying to build a brand or accurately show off a real estate listing, you probably don't want to mix in photos of your cousin's bar mitzvah or a video of your slightly inebriated night out! Create a separate account for your Try It Tiny listing. Same goes for Twitter and Facebook. Your property listing (bit it a tiny house or a land availability) should have a separate account that allows interactions about the property only. You don't want to mix in your private life and blur the line between the two. 


Posting information, coupon discounts, and photos of your listing is excellent, but your followers will get bored quickly if that is all they see. Work on adding in content that guests can use. If there a mobile masseuse in the area? Add content that shows the masseuse in your tiny house with a guest. What about a favorite bakery? Why not create an image of breakfast and coffee shared while looking out at your listing property? You may even consider providing recommendations and tips on the local area. Guests want to have a good time while staying at your listing and your pages will become more popular if you help them do such. 


Almost anyone with a smartphone can post photos of a tiny house interior or a cabin or even a landscape. What not everyone can do is convey an experience. Afterall, isn't that what trying it tiny is all about? A photo of a kitchen countertop and sink area is nice. You can show off the finishes or the textures. But imagine the experience that one becomes part of when the countertop has a fruit and cheese platter, a dripping, lit candle, and a couple of glasses of wine? The goal is to show potential guests what kind of experience is possible when renting your listing. 


As part of your Guest Guide, be sure to list your presence on social media channels. Then gently encourage your guests to post during their stay and tag you appropriately. This way their networks can find you through their posts. If you meet your guest(s) upon arrival you may even offer to take a photo or their photo and post to your accounts and theirs! It is a great way to gain followers and to boost your bookings. 


Try It Tiny has a review section as does Yelp, Facebook, Google Maps, etc. If you know you provide a quality experience for guests, ask them to leave a review upon departure. In fact, you may have a follow-up email protocol where you thank your guest(s) for staying with you even after they are gone. If so, you can add direct links to places they can leave a short review on their experience. Diversify your places of booking opportunity!

Have you found social media to be an important part of your personal marketing? If so, how have you used it? Do you have any tips to add? If so, leave them in the comment section below or follow us on Facebook and continue the conversation there!


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