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Using Facebook To Help Others Try It Tiny

You may be used to using Facebook in your personal life, but it’s also a great platform for promoting your experience. Having a business page is a great step to take, and you can use your personal page as a marketing tool as well.

Facebook still reigns supreme as the #1 social platform. Whether you care for it or not, you can't argue with more than 1 billion people! So rather than lament its existence why not learn to leverage it as the tool it is? Find out how you can use Facebook to help others try it tiny!


You certainly don't want to overwhelm your followers and you don't want to post uninteresting content just for the sake of posting something. Why not start out with just one post a week focusing on quality and not quantity? This will allow you to stay in your followers feeds without bludgeoning them to death!


You want people beyond just your network to see your posts. That relies on sharing so it is essential to set your posts to "public" so others can access it. 


In today's social media climate videos and still picture montages are what really garner attention. That said, use photos and videos rather than just text in order to have more people pay attention. 


If you are using your personal profile to promote your listing, consider creating a photo album dedicated to the rental experience. In it you can include photos of the listing itself, local attractions, nearby amenities, and even some of your adventures. It will allow potential guests to really get a sense of who you are and what your listing is about.


You don't always have to be the one taking photos. Encourage your guests to snap a photo of themselves at your tiny house or on your property. Give them a particular handle or hashtag to use so you can not just see the photo but share it and include it in your own marketing. As the saying goes: If you don't have a photo, it didn't happen! 


Instead of being limited to status updates and announcements, consider creating a Facebook event. This will open a Facebook version of Pandora's Box allowing you to further publicize to friends, family, influencers, supporters, and all of their collective networks. 


However you decide to use Facebook, commit to it. Learn as much as you can about how the platform works and then apply it to promoting your listing. You'll find yourself booking more, answering more questions from potential renters, and spreading the word further!

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