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Top 5 Things Your Try It Tiny Guest Will Love

Face it. Try It Tiny rentals are mostly about the reviews. It is not hard to figure though since we seem to be a culture obsessed with peer reviews. It is no longer enough to have basics like a strong WiFi connection or working heat and air. In fact, if you are maintaining a Try It Tiny listing there should already be a modicum of comfort already in place including heat/AC, clean linens, a coffee pot, and strong WiFi. Those things will most certainly matter to guests. This post aims to point out the thing that extra points will be awarded for. This is about the things that make your Try It Tiny guests love your listing more than any other!


Most Try It Tiny listings are either land listings or tiny houses on wheels. If this is the case with your listing, skip this and move on down the list. But if you maintain a small house, cottage, cabin, or shared property, read on. Guests seem to love separate entrances. Renting someone else's home requires trust. Renting a space in someone else's home when only one entrance is provided requires an obscene amount of trust. But if you have a converted MIL suite or a garage conversion or something similar, a separate entrance is an amazing perk. It isn't just about the trust factor though. Separate entrances evoke privacy. 


Before you even consider opening your space as a listing do yourself and your guests a favor. Take an afternoon and go on a menu hunting expedition. Try and get a menu from a minimum of 10 locations offering at least 5 types of food. You may even want to grab a few that specialize in delivery options. You can even leave a note for guests asking them to leave any menus they found useful that you did not already provide. You would be surprised at the good spots your guests find out about.

Pamphlets aren't as important but having a few of the major attractions near your listing will help guests get started on planning their days. Be sure to include both indoor and outdoor activities.


If you are listing a piece of land it is best to have a parking spot that is easily identifiable and accessible to all types of cars. Having an "over there in the grass" approach to parking for your guests is not a good way to start their experience. Some may come in small cars that can't handle the hurdles of unmanaged grass and/or loose gravel. Do your best to provide a parking spot that is well-maintained and reserved for your guests only. 

If you are listing a tiny house and it is in a backyard or on private property where parking is almost non-existent, be upfront about it in your listing. You may even want to find room in your monthly budget to pay for a dedicated spot that is then offered free of charge to the guest. Be creative and think about how you would feel if the roles were reversed. 


Traveling can make one weary, hungry, and irritable. Why not help your guests out by providing a few small provisions available as soon as they walk in. You don't have to go out of your way and provide a full-service snack bar but a couple snack size bags of chips, a protein bar or two, maybe some peanuts, a bottle or two of water, a can of soda and a can of diet soda...those are items that will be more than appreciated. To score extra points add in holiday snacks as appropriate. Maybe a few chocolate Hershey kisses in February, some "Bunny Money" around the Easter Holiday, and, of course, some winter holiday-themed cookies in December, will send your hospitality rating over the top! It is certainly worth the try. Just remember to see what is left after each guest, what you are replacing, etc. You don't want to spend too much on something that isn't being utilized but you also don't want to go snack broke trying to keep everyone fed!


Who hasn't traveled some distance only to realize the shampoo and conditioner were left at home? Guests love when they go into a bathroom and see a basket with basic toiletries. That includes shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, a toothbrush, floss, a band-aid or two, and a Tide pen. Small gestures in this vein are what turn guests into friends and friends into incredible reviews. 

It simply is not rocket science. Good reviews make for more bookings and more bookings make for more money. In the case of toiletries, they can be purchased for next to nothing at your local box-store or pharmacy. You can even use toiletries you have kept from a hotel or resort. Just be sure they don't promote a brand (you are renting your space, not a suite at the Ritz-Carlton) and are not store brand products. 

What do you do for your Try It Tiny listing that you have found guests love? What do you as a traveler really love when you check in somewhere? Let us know in the comments below. You can also find us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram!

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