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Top 3 Tips To Increase Your Booking With Your Lead Photo

We've all heard the expression "you only get one chance to make a first impression." This is absolutely true in the world of short-term rentals. In fact, it is fair to say that most rentals are booked by the lead photo exclusively. Do it right and you could see your bookings soar. Do it wrong and you will be left wondering why no one is clicking on your listing. No one will want to click through the photo gallery if the first photo is not inviting or engaging. You want to grab eyeballs and get clicks. These Top 3 Tips will help you do just that!



It is easy to see that from the photos above there is an obvious visual issue that takes away from the appeal of the listing. This photo is from a listing that describes itself as "A Gourmet Chef's Tiny House With Big Kitchen". The top photo shows that idea of a big, high-functioning kitchen. However, when it is then cropped horizontal to the proportions of the Try It Tiny site, it creates much less interest. You want to make sure that your leading photo is wider than it is tall! If this photo were framed up in a landscape format originally it would show the kitchen from that perspective and thereby truly giving the sense it is a gourmet dream! Try It Tiny is set up to favor pictures that are wider than they are tall.


The photo above is more than just visibly blurry. It doesn't show the actual home for rent. It doesn't clearly show the landscaping. It doesn't give a sense of outdoor living. It is a bit dark. It just isn't clear and therefore doesn't give a clear image to the potential renter of what kind of experience they may have at your listing. It needs to be clearer and certainly brighter so that people looking at listings don't just scroll right past. 

A couple of things to remember are:

  • A bright photo is one that is well lit and allows a clear vision of the interior rooms (as applicable) and the outdoor living areas. If the exterior photo of your listing has a bright, cheery sky but the landscape is dark and dreary and undefined, it just will not read well. 
  • Keep the site clean and clear before taking a photo. If the grass is high, cut it. If there are chairs everywhere and a big, old grill, remove it. If there are toys strewn about, remove them. Remember though, if you are selling your site in one way, it needs to be that way when your guest arrives!


The above photo is a popular state park that is accessible to the public but is not privately owned. If you choose to use this as your lead in photo you are doing two things very wrong.

  1. You are not showing the actual property for rent. You are showing a local attraction that while is certainly a perk to renting a particular listing, is not the listing itself. It is a false advertisement with the best intentions. 
  2. You are not advertising your awesome listing. You are cutting yourself short because most potential renters will see the polished, nature photo, recognize it for being a bit too perfect, and keep right on searching. 

You simply need to represent yourself well! 

What tips do you have for creating leading photos for your Try It Tiny listing? Have you had success with a particular photo or photo style? Let us know in the comment section below. We also ask you to join us on Facebook or by following our Instagram feed


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