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Tips For Living In A Tiny House With Pets

No one wants to be "the guy that smells like a dog" or "the smelly house girl". It just isn't right. We've all got friends like this. We're talking about furniture covered in pet hair and smelling of a wet barn. You can't blame the pets though. They are just being...well, pets! Never fear though. There are things that you can do, even living in a small space, that will keep your house from being avoided at all costs!


This truly is the most important thing. If you have hardwood flooring you need a vacuum suitable for such. If you have carpet, you'll need a vacuum that performs well on carpet. You don't even need an expensive one. You just need a good one. Consider the Bissell 3-in-1 Lightweight Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner. Costing less than $30 the 3-in-1 is very compact. In fact, it measures only 43.5” X 5” X 9.5”. It’s also incredibly light, weighing a mere 4 lbs. When using the Bissell, it is easy to maneuver and the handle can even lay down into a position that’s almost completely flat, making it really easy to reach under furniture...you know, where pet dander tends to live. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a roller brush for carpets but the suction is excellent, so it works great on both hard floors and carpet.


You can't vacuum every time your tiny house needs it. You can't sweep either. You are a person on the move. So go high tech. Consider purchasing a Roomba iRobot to clean up inside your tiny house all the times you can't. It's expensive, yes. But it is a workhorse and will keep down the pet hair all the day long.


One of the great things about tiny house living is that tiny house living embraces the idea of keeping things out of sight. That said, consider how you might hide the kitty litter box. There are of course multiple units on the market. Some look like furniture while others look downright Feng Shui. But there are a number of DIY's that help you mask the odor and hide the litter. You can put a littler box in the body of a bench with a small access hole and a lid with a piano hinge that will let you clean it regularly. Perhaps put the litter box inside a house planter so that the eye is obstructed by the plant rather than the kitty litter box. Whatever the case, keep it out of sight and it'll keep it out of your nose.


Some pets can get quite sloppy when having a drink, especially puppies. They leave an actual puddle around their bowl. No one wants that on their hardwood floor or soaking into their carpet. Consider then to have a watering station or even a pet food station right in the floor of the shower stall. This will help your puppy establish a feeding area as well as grow and develop good eating habits. 


If you're getting a new pet, look for a breed that is right for your space. There are few tiny houses that can comfortably fit a Great Dane or an Irish Setter. Consider instead a Yorkshire Terrier or a Dachsund. Get something that compliments your style of living. A non-shedding or smaller breed might be what's right for the space you're in. If you have a pet that is comfortable in your home, he'll behave better and treat your home better.

Do you have a pet in your tiny house? What choices have you made to make this relationship easier? Are there any products you recommend for other pet owners? Let us know in the comments below or by LIKEing us on Facebook or FOLLOWing us on Instagram.

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