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The Essential Try It Tiny Cleaning Checklist

The tiny house is empty. The guest(s) has checked out. Now it's time to do some serious cleaning up to prepare for the next booking. Unfortunately though it isn't always obvious how much needs to be cleaned to get ready for those next guests. 

If you clean yourself or if you hire a professional cleaning service, the following is an essential list to help you cover every nook and cranny in your tiny house rental.


Might as well start in perhaps the most gross place. Let's face it, the bathroom is it. It is a hairy place with a lot of white usually. You definitely do not want it to show grime or dirt. 

It may seem a bit tedious or unnecessary but you want to scrub down the shower and bathtub between every single check-in and check-out. NO EXCUSES! Don't let grime and soap scum build up. Don't let water stains hang out on the shower doors or even clear curtain. Guests notice things and while it may BE clean, it needs to also look clean. (It’s gross; we know.) And you DEFINITELY don’t want it to stay that way!

One thing you want to consider is keeping cleaning tools like toilet brushes, mops, buckets, disinfecting spray, etc. out of sight but also available. Use them and then put them somewhere where a guest could access them if need be. You also want to keep them clean and useable. When a cleaning tool starts to look worn or aged, replace it.

Bottom line: the bathroom should look spotless for each guest. Keep the toilet paper stocked up, some soap and shampoo in sight for those who may have forgotten it, and you'll be good to go!


Even if your guests don't spend any time in the kitchen area you still need to give it a good once-over in between each booking. When a guest leaves you should sweep every corner, wash every dish (as well as dry it and put it away), sweep under cabinets or tables, wipe down the countertop, and even pour a little white vinegar down the sink. You don't want any weird smells emanating from the strainer area. Furthermore, countertops should be streak-free and spotless. Cabinet and cupboard doors should be wiped down at least once a month to remove fingerprints, smudges, and residual grease. The kitchen can be a big job. We know. But make it look like a factory showroom as much as possible. 


This is almost a no-brainer. The linens need to be changed each time a guest checks in or out. This includes the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases. If the bed is not clean and fresh feeling for a guest you can almost be positive your review will receive lower marks. A great looking bedroom to many equals a great home!

You will want to go the extra mile. Fluff the pillows and turn down the sheets. Vacuum or sweep the floor and do your best to get under the bed. Don’t let any dust bunnies take up homestead in your tiny house. 

Treat the bedroom as you would your own. If it's cozy enough for you to want to sleep in, you have done your job! 


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