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The Art Of The Tiny House Listing Photo

Since the advent of the smartphone, you no longer need expensive camera equipment, a degree in photography, a lighting rig, or even large blocks of time to capture professional-looking photos that will help your Try It Tiny listing stand out amongst the others. You really just need the aforementioned phone, an hour or so, and the following tips.

Adding photos can be a roadblock for many. You ask yourself how you will capture the charm and the aesthetic of your tiny house in just a few photos. Try It Tiny hosts across the nation have expressed the desire to improve their listing photos without spending a small fortune on a professional photographer. A successful listing is the result of a number of elements, least of all the photos.


There is no denying that a small space looks larger and more inviting when it is bright and airy. Take your photos during the day, when natural light is the brightest. Furthermore, adjust your blinds, shades, or other window treatments, to let in the sun and use lamps with shades to give some pop to dark corners. Don’t fall back on the flash though as that can often cause unwanted shadows or harsh tones.

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83.8% of smartphone users have an iPhone. There are three ways to unlock the power of the iPhone.

  1. Turn On The Grid: Visit Settings > Camera > Grid. Toggle the button to on (green)
  2. Turn Off The Flash: Open your Camera app. Locate the lightning bolt icon in the top left corner and select ‘Off’.
  3. Choose Photo: The iPhone is capable of taking still photos, video, slo-mo, square, and pano photos. Make sure that for listing photos you select the photo setting. Open your Camera app. On the menu options below the display grid, slide the words to ‘PHOTO’ setting. The word ‘PHOTO’ will be yellow when selected.


Be sure when taking your photos you choose the right angle that will provide the best view. You can do this by:

  • Hold your phone straight and horizontal
  • Keep your phone at eye level
  • Crouch or kneel if you need to in order to get the main piece of furniture in the house to be level and vertically straight.

Taking picture


Your tiny house listing needs to tell a story; a complete story. What can potential guests expect from your tiny house? What is the lighting like? How close are the walls? Is there lots of artwork hanging? Is the bathroom open to the living room? Include enough photos of your tiny house for the listing to make sense. Don’t stop at one exterior photo and an off-center interior photo. Select areas in the room with visual interest and paint your tiny house picture.


What makes your tiny house unique? That is what potential guests want to see. They want to see the selection of books on the nightstand. They want to see the pattern on the place settings. Don’t be afraid to spruce up those areas, frame them well, and take a photo. Focal points like these will make your listing really stand out from the others. People will be able to see exactly what their space will feel like when they enter.


Have you taken quality photos of your tiny house listing? Do you have some tried and true tips to share? If so, leave them in the comments below or post them on our Facebook page

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