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Staying Fit In Your Tiny House

Say to yourself:  No more excuses! No more excuses!

A gym membership is a worthwhile purchase. It is not just about getting fit it is about staying healthy. It is a type of preventative medicine. It is about mental health as much as physical health. But truthfully, gym memberships aren't always affordable. There are times when budget just doesn't allow a good gym membership. Sometimes it is about time. You may not live within close proximity to a gym and can't justify a 30-minute (or more!) drive each way just to work out. That is why it is important - even in a tiny house - to find a way to workout at home. And you can! The following ideas can help you get fit and stay fit in your tiny house! 


It seems silly to even say. Calisthenics. But it is a solid method of exercise still used frequently. The word essentially means 'bodyweight exercises'. In a small space room for free weights and benches and yoga mats and other equipment is just not possible. If you've got room to stand and perhaps a foot or two of clearance between your head and your ceiling then you've got room to run in place, do jumping jacks, plank, and do pushups. Not only are you using your body weight for resistance but you are engaging in high-intensity interval training (more popularly referred to as HIIT) and increasing your stamina and getting a solid cardio workout. To really challenge yourself, mix running or jumping as hard as you can for a challenging burst and then rest only for short intervals. Just be careful to make sure your stabilizer jacks are solid before you start bouncing around!


Perhaps the most popular of workouts right not, yoga requires little space. With a simple yoga mat and room to lie down on the floor, you can enjoy the benefits of mental and physical strength training.

Here's a great video by Hippies and Granola for those interested in tiny house yoga!


Sit down. You're half way there. In fact, if you have room to lay down on the floor of your tiny house then you have room for a great ab workout. There are tons of great resources showing different styles of ab workouts ranging in styles and lengths. Find one and follow it. You'll feel better and increase your core strength. If you want to push a little further, look into planking workouts with little to no movement. 


Resistance bands are a simple tool that helps you add something extra to your workout in the form of resistance and tension. The bands come in different sizes and shapes so can really help you customize your workout. Furthermore, they can be attached to a hook or even a door when not in use so they take up virtually no space in between workouts. 

Have a look at this band workout video by Tone It Up on YouTube for a more structured resistance band workout. 


There is no disputing that dumbbells yield great results. Whether curling for biceps, extending for triceps, hoisting for deltoids, or even raising for shoulders, dumbbells are versatile and effective. They may not always be such a small inclusion to your already small space but they can be used, rolled under the couch or put in a cubby, and stay out of sight. There are also several sets of dumbbells on the market that have stacking weight amounts to get more weight out of less equipment. If you are looking for pure muscle tone this may be the way to go. It is traditional. It is effective. And it hurts so good!

There simply is no reason to not get fit and stay fit when living in a tiny house. Use some creativity and resourcefulness and design a workout that touches on your goals while keeping your life (and home!) clutter-free. Do you have some favorite workouts or exercises specific to your tiny house? What are they? Let us know in the comment section below. We would love for you to follow us on Facebook as well or even follow us on Instagram for a daily glimpse inside the Try It Tiny life! 

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