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Spring Cleaning Your Tiny House

The tiny house lifestyle is not one that is inducive to hoarding tendencies. In fact, there just isn't room for real collecting or hoarding or even nesting some would say. Tiny houses have a tendency to build up large amounts of dirt. So for those who have an aversion to getting rid of items or for those who have never really accomplished a full scrub-down of their home, it might be time to consider getting involved in a real, grown-up, adulting spring cleaning ritual. It is time to remove those dust bunnies, clear the air of toxins and germs, and eliminate excess. This sort of spring cleaning doesn't mean to go full Kondo or just tidy up by putting sweaters in the shower stall or in a hollow ottoman. It means taking the time to donate or store away items, wash the windows, clear the dust (yes, even from the lighting fixtures), polish the countertops, and even empty out the fridge and clean the shelves. Of course, it is important to have a strategy in place before committing to such a ritual. Formulating a plan will help ease the stress and create a more efficient cleaning system. It may feel daunting but these five tips might help you turn your tiny house into a spic-and-span-palace!


Even the word is cliche. But the action is so important. Clearing your space will make it easier to see what needs sweeping, dusting, mopping, taking to the dry cleaners, and more! Try separating into three piles:  keep, store, and trash. You'll probably find that even this first step makes your house so much more functional. 


The first step to starting or keeping your tiny house clean is to have the right supplies. You may have some on hand but you will likely have to buy a few more. You are going to want:

  • an all-purpose cleaner
  • disinfecting wipes
  • rubber gloves
  • glass cleaner
  • a microfiber cloth(s)
  • a sponge
  • a small duster
  • a handheld vacuum

Once you've assembled these items consider storing them all in something like a shower caddy or basket. It makes it easier to carry from place to place within your home. 


Vacuuming and dusting on a regular basis will help keep allergies at bay and dust mites from taking over. No matter what though, there are always little spots that out of immediate sight and therefore often overlooked. Pay extra close attention to them. Consider the tracks of your windows and the area behind the toilet. Get an old toothbrush and clean those out with vinegar. It will disinfect the areas as well. Check under your couch cushions and furniture. Those areas seem to allow dust bunnies and pet dander to accumulate and hide. Get 'em up! And don't forget the shelves. Clear them, wipe them down, load them back up. Just running a feather duster over them is not enough. They need to be wiped down and given new life. 


Even if you are regular about throwing out expired foods or drinks from inside your fridge, there are bound to be condiments or to-go packets that haven't been used since first stocked up. Clear out your entire fridge. Check all the expiration dates, and toss accordingly. The same goes for leftovers. Don't be afraid of the medical research projects that have grown inside them. Throw them out and wash the dish(es). Once done, spray the inside of the fridge as well as the shelves, with some vinegar and water. Wipe it down and then clean the same areas with soap and water. 


Now that you've completed your spring clean, it's time for a reward! Pick or purchase some fresh seasonal flowers or a beautiful new plant and add it to your interior. Infuse life and color to your fresh space. They will all at once improve indoor air quality, brighten your mood, and even give you a boost of energy. 


Did we miss something? How do you spring clean? What is your go-to cleaning product? Let us know in the comments below. And while you're at it, LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram

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