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Preparing Your Tiny House For A Big Storm

Hurricane Florence is bearing down on the middle East coast leaving areas from Charleston, SC to Williamsburg, VA worrying about what a Category 4 storm is capable of. The 2017 Hurricane season dished up some major damage including Harvey, Irma, and Maria. States were washed out, floodwater filled homes, trees were uprooted, and power lines were brought down. People were forced to grab what they could and evacuate. In some cases though there are steps that can be taken to secure your tiny house on wheels and allow yourself a good night's rest even when Mother Nature is brewing it up outside. Properly preparing makes you safer and makes good fiscal sense. Your home is one of the largest investments you will likely undertake so here are 5 things you can do to prepare before the wind kicks up and the rain comes down!


At this point you are probably saying well, I don’t have insurance. I live in a tiny house. No excuse any longer as a couple of fine firms offer tiny house insurance. Visit Strategic Insurance Agency to get your tiny house quote immediately! While it may be a bit late for this current storm system, there is no reason not to be prepared in the event of future situations and emergencies.


Perhaps the best flood insurance for a tiny house on wheels is to remain mobile or maintain the possibility of mobility and if your area is called upon to evacuate, take heed and roll out!


Make an inventory list of what you have in your home that is covered under your insurance policy. Most good policies provide a 20% coverage on the amount of your homeowners' policy. Find out though. For extra preparation, write down serial numbers of all valuable items inside your house including your computer, tech equipment, jewelry, etc. This may be a great time to make sure you have stuff backed up to your Cloud as well. Nothing wrong with having a folder of serial numbers and photos! speaking of which, consider taking photos of appraisal reports and actual items. If you aren’t sure how to take on such a task Sortly offers an Apple and Android app to help you begin.


Get out the ladder, make like Santa Claus, and get up on your rooftop. Have a good look around. If you have shingles, make sure none of your shingles, tiles, or metal runs are already cracked or missing. If you have a product like ONDUVILLA make sure all fasteners are tight and secure. If you have metal, make sure there are no bent pieces that wind can get up under and turn into flying debris. 


Remember the scene in Twister where a cow goes flying through the air in front of Bill Paxton’s truck? That could very well be your patio set or Japanese maple planter or any number of items should you choose not to secure them. If it can be picked up and moved about, the wind can and will do it!

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