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Keeping Your Tiny House From Being Stolen

How do you make sure no one steals your tiny house?

Prior to the HGTV and DIY media boom on tiny houses, this was a question rarely asked. Who would want to steal a little house atop a trailer? Practically no one. But since the market has grown, prices have soared, and tiny houses have become more desirable, their true advantage has also become their one, true liability. So how do you keep a tiny house from being hitched up and taken? Perhaps some of the ideas below will keep your tiny house on wheels safe and secure.




If someone is intent on moving your tiny house they will stop almost at nothing. However, if they can't physically move the home, they are far less likely to tamper with it, let along take it with them. A foolproof way of preventing a thief from stealing your tiny house is to use a trailer hitch lock.

The best trailer hitch lock is the Proven Industries 2516, which is completely bolt-cutter proof with an all-steel construction that covers the hitch. Remember, when it comes to compatibility, you can purchase a trailer hitch in a variety of different sizes or shapes. Therefore, its crucial that you purchase the correct trailer hitch lock size and many brands offer various different sizes for this exact reason.


It sounds like an extreme measure but it is actually quite simple and quite effective. A thief can't roll away your trailer if there is nothing for the trailer to actually roll on. Therefore, remove the wheels. Be sure to lock them up somewhere off-site. What thief is going to come prepared with their own tires? 


Another (although less effective) method of securing your tiny house is to slide a chain through the wheels and then lock the chain. Bolt cutters will likely make light work of this sort of resistance but it at least deters them and causes them to work longer and harder which may be enough time for them to be seen in the act!



Because a tiny house on wheels is effectively a traditional house built on a trailer, they have doors and windows just as more traditional homes do. That said, breaking in is much tougher right from the beginning. However, securing your door with a security lock and deadbolt made by a company like Kwikset or Schlage is essential. You also don't want to hide a key somewhere expected like in a magnet box under the tire well. 


It is difficult to rely on a system such as this if you are in a more rural area. Most security systems rely on someone hearing and responding. But if your house has Internet access, you can purchase an alarm that alerts you remotely via an App. You can then call help or a neighbor to check on the issue. You do want to note though that if a thief cuts power to your house the AC adaptor to the Wifi router will go dead rendering the whole system useless. Investigate an alarm system that uses a cellular signal to notify you. The ADT Pulse system is perfect for this application. 




If your tiny house is stolen, a GPS tracker is one of the few options you may have in finding it. Just like your cellular phone, a GPS tracker uploads its locations to that you can monitor everywhere your house has been in real time. You want to make sure to hide the GPS in a spot that isn't easily recognizable or obvious. You can find out more by visit Track My Tiny




What are you doing to keep your tiny house safe? Let us know in the comment section below. Furthermore, follow us on Instagram or LIKE us on Facebook to be part of our everyday conversations! 

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