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How To Take A Real Vacation In 2019

Definitions are the best. Not only do they inform but they also remind us of the real meaning of a word; the literal meaning. Let's take the word vacation. According to Wikipedia vacation is:

...a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. People often take a vacation during specific holiday observances, or for specific festivals or celebrations. Vacations are often spent with friends or family.

How idealistic, no? The notion of going on a specific trip or journey just to enjoy a little recreation. The misconception with vacation though is that it requires physically leaving your everyday life and flying off to a tropical island or visiting magic kingdoms. That simply isn't true. A true vacation transcends luggage and destination. Rather, it relaxes you, brings back your focus, restores your sense of purpose, and eliminates daily stress. And what better way to do it than to hunker down in a tiny house on wheels with the bare essentials, slowing down your daily grind, and spending valuable time with your family, friends or even by yourself!

Granted a few of your favorite Netflix shows, some time reading at the local coffee shop, or even a nap in your hammock, can be vacation-like, there are a few things that can truly help you regain focus, retain purpose, and revisit hope, all without needing a passport or an airline ticket!


That's right friends. You heard it here first. To have a true vacation you need to lose the electronics. If an emergency comes up it will either be dealt with by the persons in the situation or they will find you. It is often asked, "What did past generations do without cell phones?" Well, they survived. They learned to cope. So don't be afraid to leave it all behind. Instagram can wait. Text messaging can wait. Let your Facebook feed go silent. In fact, leave the laptop behind as well. It will all be waiting for you when you return from vacation. Don't be afraid to disconnect in order to reconnect. Take a vacation.


The headlines and the news reports can become drudgery. They can bring our mood down and have us living in a state of hopelessness. If we aren't careful and we don't remain guarded, we can quickly take on the frustrations of the world and carry the agenda of the media on our own shoulders. Let those channels go. Turn off the set. Turn down the radio. Let your browser headlines go unread. For a few days, just forget about it all. Take a vacation.


As little as five years ago we wouldn't have thought twice about eating a meal without documenting it on less than three social channels. For whatever reason, we now have an inexplicable need to have our dinner plate approved by people we haven't spoken to in real life since kindergarten. We want to share to the point of oversharing. What are we wearing at that moment? What does the view of our feet look like while laying down on an unmade bed? How big is the moon overhead on any particular night? These days things are so much different and we have almost become enslaved by our own social presence. Many of us haven't made an actual phone call or visit in over a year. We text and email and call it communication. Go against the grain though. Log out. Let this Tweet be your last. Take a vacation.


No matter what the thermostat reads, no matter how many raindrops fall from the sky, and no matter how gusty the wind, enjoy it. Take it all in. Give thanks for a life lived in such dynamic conditions. Bask in the sunshine and sip tea in a rainstorm. But by all means, take a vacation.


There is no doubt that while humans supposedly need 8.5 hours of sleep a night many of us get 5 or less. While at first, this may not take a toll on us, it will ultimately lead to declining health, irritable attitudes, and lack of clarity. So take a nap. Sleep in. Turn off your alarm one morning. Go to bed early. Kill the lights. Face the clock backward. Just take a vacation.

Wherever your vacation takes you, whatever it allows you to do, keep these tips in mind. Don't be one of those that returns needing a vacation from their vacation. Live free, live fun, but above all...TAKE A VACATION!

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