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How To Handle Early Arrivals and Late Checkouts

Very few hosts on platforms like Try It Tiny have escaped the unexpected early arrival or late departure. Most of the time it truly is no one's fault in particular. Sometimes our drive takes us less time than we anticipated. Sometimes it takes more. If we are towing an RV or a tiny house there is a myriad of reasons why we may arrive early or late. But that is only one side of the coin. Perhaps you, as host, had a meeting run long and you weren't able to greet your guests at the assigned time or weren't able to let them into their parking space. It can be frustrating for all involved. One of the most frequent scenarios is that the guest was to meet friends in town or at an event location and found themselves stood up. This has them calling or frantically emailing the host, asking to be let in early. You're not cleaning the house from the last guests. What do you do? 


It's one thing to deal with unexpected early arrivals. Don't volunteer to do it. Don't offer any early arrival options on your listing. This is the best way to ensure insanity for yourself as host. Imagine if you were having to deal with check-ins from 12pm - 4pm on any given day. It completely negates your afternoon freedom. It is akin to waiting for the cable guy to show up sometime in the 10am - 5pm window they like to give.

Coordinating and keeping track of unnecessary early arrivals will ultimately prove painful for just a couple of listings. Imagine if you have multiple listings?  We recommend being direct and specific in your listing as to when check-in is. You may have to be so specific as to say "Check in is anytime after 4pm." There is nothing fuzzy about that. There is no room left for interpretation.

Of course, if you’re doing physical check-ins, you may want to put a realistic time range (e.g. 4pm-8pm) so you don't run the risk of having to do late night check-ins. 

If you really want to minimize the check-in stress you can utilize a smart lock and keypad lock for remote check-ins. In fact, this may be your only option if you are not on-site with your listing. This way your guest can let himself in after 4pm without you having to physically be there. 


If your guests have done any traveling in order to stay at your tiny house, chances are they'll be toting luggage. Whether your guest is arriving early or leaving late, there will be an immediate sense of gratitude if you can remove the burden of luggage for them. Here is a scenario:

Check-out is 11am. They don't fly out until 5pm. They want to Uber into town to get lunch and do some last minute shopping. If you can provide a place they can securely leave their luggage, they won't have to take it with them and haul it around for a few hours.

As host you can create this sense of relief for your guests. Provide a simple way for them to store their luggage until they absolutely need it. You can keep a large storage bin outside the house or in a secondary location. Just make it safe and accessible. Use a combination lock for added security and provide that code in your Guest Guide. This is a simple solution that wil go a long way in earning happy hosts and higher reviews!


Your guest(s) have checked out or are waiting to check in. They have some time to kill. Go the extra mile as host and give them some fun recommendations via email before their trip. Recommend a few good food locations, a local sight or two, where to find reliable Internet, etc. By taking this extra step you are going to make an amazing first impression or a superior last impression.



What are your hosting tips for dealing with early arrivals or late departures? Let us know in the comments below. You can also LIKE us on Facebook or FOLLOW us on Instagram

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