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Getting Rid Of Bugs In Your Tiny House

Rule #1 of owning a home. You are going to have bugs. At some point and in some capacity, you are going to have bugs. Face it, bugs like a nice home for the same reasons you do: food, water, shelter. They look for these provisions and if they can find them in your tiny house, they will. Typically speaking, we are talking about ants, cockroaches, waterbugs, flies, silverfish, and, of course, spiders! If you have a pet indoors then you can add fleas and ticks. The unfortunate part is that each of these pests shows up during different seasons so as a homeowner you may find yourself battling a household "pet" all the time.  Here are a few tips though to help you get rid of those bugs and hopefully keep them out! No one likes an unexpected houseguest.


Have a look at your window sashes, your window screens, your storm door, etc. Do you see a crack or a hole? If so, get out the caulk and repair the point of entry. You can also add some new or extra weather stripping around the door to keep out bugs. If you have a cracked or broken seal or a hold in the corner of one, you are going to have bugs. 


Of all the tedious chores in the land, cleaning up the kitchen must be the dullest. It is perhaps the most necessary though as bugs love to invade the kitchen. They walk across the countertop and pantry looking for a late-night snack. They dip inside the canisters for a taste of something sweet. They find their way into flour, cereal, cake mix, crackers sleeves, pasta boxes, dried fruits, and more! Ants, of course, go after the sugar. Grain moths and larvae love the rice and the cereal and the trail mix. The point is, make sure your food products are tightly sealed. Don't just put a piece of tape over the cereal box and call it a day. Invest in a glass container with a locking lid so after you open the package you can secure the food. You will also want to keep crumbs and food particles off the counters and floors. One minute of prep will give you a lifetime of bug-free food! 


No one wants to eat a snack if they have nothing to wash it down. Same is true for bugs. They want water as well. Consider silverfish. They prefer damp places. If you have a faucet that is leaking or a drain that isn't tight, fix it. If your air conditioner or washing machine isn't working properly and is leaving a bit of condensation or water on the floor, have them repaired. Likewise, if your freezer isn't sealing and causing the ice to melt which can then leave big puddles of water, consider a new gasket. A small repair can go a long way in keeping away bugs. 


Those bugs that come in from around the bottom corner of the door? They have to get there somehow. Oftentimes those bugs will come up from firewood stacks, compost bings, or just general yard waste. Keep your entry points and windows free and clear of outside elements. Likewise, if you bring in firewood or pine cones or anything from the outdoors, check it first for bugs. It is easy enough to remove them and then bring the items in. Those bugs love nothing more than a stress-free, free ride into the warm and cozy place. 


If you want to keep down the bug problems, control the situation as soon as you are alerted to it. Whether it be through bug bait, bug traps, aerosols, or even a professional exterminator, commit to it. If the bug is large enough to humanely remove, go that route. If you do step on one, remove it from the house and make sure there is no residue left to attract other bugs. 

No one likes to think of the creepy crawlies but they are a reality of owning a home and can't be far more evident in a tiny house. Keep yourself, your animals, and your home protected. 

Do you currently have a method of controlling bugs in the house? If so, what is it? What have you found that works and what doesn't work so well? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well. Let's keep the conversation going.

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