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Create The Best Try It Tiny Profile You Can

You have a great listing with professional verified photos but you still aren’t getting the bookings. Could it be because of your host profile? 

When creating an account with Try It Tiny the very first thing you are prompted to do is set up your profile. Most will skip right through this hoping to just get to the listing portion. But in just 5 extra minutes you could create a profile that creates renter confidence, exudes safety and security in the listing, and increases bookings. 

In the past five years, the sharing economy has grown by leaps and bounds. More and more people are getting comfortable having other people drive them, jumping into the other person's car, sleeping on a strangers couch, and even loaning out your personal car when you aren't using it. No matter how comfortable we grow though, there is still some fear and trepidation in the idea. You can reduce that time of pause though by having a welcoming and trust-inspiring host profile.


If it has been said once, it has been said a million times. Being able to put a face to a host helps a potential guest grow an immediate sense of trust and ultimately book. Consider adding a friendly photo with a welcoming smile that says, "I'm a nice person. I pay my taxes. I clean my coffee cup after every use." Don't post a photo that says "I am hiding something from you. Can you tell?" And certainly, don't leave the photo option blank. 


More heartache has been caused by platform miscommunication or complete lack of communication. Oftentimes a guest will book last minute and expect quick communication with the host. We try to make that possible with both a platform messaging system, email notifications, and SMS alerts. Using these tools and having great response rate will give a potential guest the confidence that reaching out to you won't be a waste of their time. As a host, respond to all inquiries within a few hours, if possible. Do not let messages go beyond a day though. That almost guarantees a lost booking. 


A solid host also has great reviews showing - both as a host and as a guest. While Try It Tiny does not have a built-in host review section, you can add host reviews or "sound bytes" from a past guest in your profile. There is no maximum to how long your profile can be, so consider adding a host review or two. Words of praise from other Try It Tiny users will go a long way to establishing the necessary trust needed for a booking. You are showing potential guests that booking with you will be a pleasurable experience. 

What are some other ways to inspire trust with your host profile?  What do you do to set your profile apart and increase bookings? 

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