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5 Tricky Places To Hide Your Trick -or- Treat Candy In A Tiny House

Living in a tiny house means everything is out in the open. There are very few places to hide things. This can be good and bad. Come this time of year it is bad. No one wants to share their candy corn or their bite-size Snickers! But in a tiny house, there are few places to store those delicious sweets and hiding our valuable is practically embedded in our very human nature. As children, we hid things that meant a great deal to us. As adults, we hide gifts around Christmas time so our loved ones can be surprised on the big day! From covering our tasty treats in plain sight to stashing them in secret drawers, false book jackets, or even disguised floor panels, we want to show you how to turn a few every day tiny house items into secret Trick -or- Treat hiding spots. 



Most windows have case mold around them to dress them up a bit. That molding typically extends down 2" - 4" That bottom piece of molding acts as a drawer facing and the drawer actually exists in the 2" wall cavity created by the 2"x4" wall depth. Add a magnet clasp to the drawer to keep it sealed tight and you have a great, small space for a handful of candy corn or peanut M&Ms. 


Base cabinets are usually set on the floor in a tiny house. Why not raise them up just a bit and put a secret toe kick drawer in them? It is an easy adjustment to make, doesn't take any substantial space, and is one of the least likely places to look for anything other than cooking crumbs.


Hundreds of photos have made their way around the Internet of tiny house kitchens filled with mason jars of all sizes. Those mason jars are bulk storage for dried beans, rolled oats, loose tea, and the like. Why not put a toilet paper tube in the middle, fill up the rest (around the tube) with your bulk product, and then use the toilet paper tube as a secret storage area? No one would suspect that in a jar of navy beans lies a couple dozen Now Or Laters! 


A chair is good to rest your butt upon and also to hide things under your butt. If you build a simple box under the butt of the seat, put the actual seat area on hinges, and keep the upholstery, you can have a really "in plain sight" storage option. This is a good stash all year round as no one things to lift up on the seat. 


Whether your tiny house is on-grid or off, electrical outlets and plate covers are commonplace. In fact, in today's technological age it is nothing to see an outlet every 4 feet or so. That said, why not create a fake outlet plate cover that lifts off to reveal a small storage box? It isn't the largest space but it can be perfect for a Butterfinger Bite or the pantry key. 
Of course, the idea of hiding Trick-or-Treat candy is more comical than anything, these ideas are great for year round storage if you have a little something you want to conceal or keep away from someone who you may not want to have access to.
What ways do you hide things in your tiny house? Do you have a special stash space? Did you make it or buy it? Let us know. You can also post your photos and comments on our Facebook page or by following our Instagram

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