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5 Most Useful Items To Have In Your Tiny House

We are regularly asked about what we consider to be essential in a tiny house. In our fleet of tiny houses, we style them not just with furnishings and linens but also with practical items like a dustpan and broom, a bottle opener, and more. So what then do we recommend to others who are preparing to downsize or already have but need some inspiration? What can we simply not live without?

WHAT: This Is Ground (organizational accessories) Mod Laptop 3
FOR: Home-office needs
WHY: Most tiny houses do not have a dedicated workspace but a number of tiny house dwellers work from the home. It makes sense then that travel accessories are great for everyday use in a small space. This Is Ground makes a beautiful Mod Laptop 3, which is a leather briefcase that doubles as a mobile office. The Mod protects your laptop, while also offering generous housings for your cords, pens, pencils, stylus, notepads, phone, hard drive, battery pack, glasses, cards, currency, WiFi, and Tile.


WHAT: Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum 
FOR: Everyone
WHY: Everyone knows the vacuum mantra: the bigger the vacuum, the more powerful it is. That is why no one wants to reduce their vacuum down to a simple dustbuster when living in a tiny house. Contrary to popular belief though, you can make room for a full-sized, cordless vacuum in the tiniest of homes if the vacuum breaks down into separate components. The Dyson V8 is cord-free and hassle-free. With a 4-hour battery, the Dyson V8 has a whole-machine HEPA filtration that captures allergens and expels cleaner air than the air we breathe.


WHAT:  Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Maker
FOR: Everyone
WHY: This may rustle some feathers because single cup coffee makers are often looked at as major sources of single-use pollutants. They don't have to be though. And as romantic and beautiful as pour-over and French press coffee is, most people just want a quick cup of joe as they head out the door. How can you have both then? Try a model that requires no pods and no filters like the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker. It is small, uncomplicated, and easy to clean!


WHAT: Profile Step Trash Can
FOR: Everyone
WHY:  The smell of trash seems to amplify in small spaces so it serves to reason that a tiny house can trap in a number of unwanted odors. However, a good lidded trash can can help mitigate those unwanted odors. A good profile step can is small and chic with a compact size and slim profile shape that makes it a great fit anywhere space is limited.


WHAT: Over The Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack
FOR: Everyone
WHY:  Countertop space and certainly a second sink are almost non-existent in a tiny house. That is why a roll-up is perfect. Typically less than $20, these drying racks are excellent space-savers that provide remarkably simple efficient solutions to air-dry washed bowls, pot, fry pans, tableware, cookware, cutlery, and kitchen utensil gadgets.


Did we leave anything off of our list? What are your essentials? Let us know in the comments below or continue the conversation on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Instagram!

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