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What is Try It Tiny?

Try It Tiny connects people to give them the opportunity to rent a tiny house or share their land with tiny house enthusiasts nationwide. Become part of a growing community by renting a tiny house or parking your tiny house on hosts’ properties.

Try It Tiny started from our dedication to help tiny house owners in need of a parking solution. Whether it's for a short or long-term stay, we aim to aggregate as many options as possible. It has quickly evolved to also engage tiny house enthusiasts and offer a way to give tiny living a try, before they buy.

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Try It Tiny is one of the most innovative, ground-breaking services the tiny house world has seen yet. One of the most difficult parts of going tiny, that is often unspoken about, is how hard it is to find land as a tiny house owner. Maggie came to our rescue when we were coming up short in other services and groups. Not only did we find land in a state we’ve always wanted to live in, but we cultivated friendships with the landowner and crew and are currently learning to grow our own food — a trade my chef husband has been interested in for years. Try It Tiny didn’t only give us a place to live, it gave us a new adventure. Between it’s clean and user friendly website and a founder who goes out of her way to find you the place of your dreams, check in, and show endless kindness and support, Try It Tiny is going to revolutionize the way land owners and tiny houses co-exist. Thank you so much, Try It Tiny and Maggie!

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